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10th EUREC Alumni Forum

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Your EUREC Alumni Forum is an excellent opportunity to share experiences, meet friends also working on renewables, to start new projects or find support on ongoing ones
This forum is organised for and by EUREC Alumni and EUREC Students
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9th EUREC Alumni Forum

9th edition of our EUREC Alumni Forum
As always, looking forward to see you all at the 10th EUREC Alumni Forum.

From left to right (Thibaut Voslion, Yvan Guerra, Thierry Ha, Roberta Figueiredo and Bertrand Guillot)
Feel free to download the presentation of our speakers. (Descargar presentaciones)

You can now register for the 9th edition of the EUREC Alumni Forum. Please, remember that the registration works via the first-come first-served principle so register now to assure your spot!
The EUREC Alumni Forum is an excellent opportunity to share experiences, to meet colleagues also working on renewables and to start new projects or find support on ongoing ones.
The EUREC Alumni Forum is also organised for and by EUREC students:
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Call for presentations:
For those who want to …

Program of the 8th Eurec Alumni Forum

Case study for energy storage of wind energy in Martinique Island

Due to the increasing penetration of renewable energy in general and wind energy in particular in the grid, different problems arise as a result of the variability of the wind. The storage of the excess of electricity presents many benefits which has led to the proposed master’s thesis tackling storage techniques for a wind farm in Martinique Island. The presentation will be focusing on reviewing the different storage technologies, analyse their different applications, discuss the selection of an adequate one based on an analysis of wind data in Martinique and the French regulations for insular systems.

About the Speaker:

Name: Habib Rahme
Habib Rahme graduated in 2008 after a five-year program in Electrical Engineering. He worked for seven years in an electrical design and consultancy firm where he was an Electrical Project Engineer for the last three years. In March 2015, I was accredited by the US Green Building Council a LEED Green Associate.
His passion for Renewable Energy…

Harvesting more energy from the wind - new challenges faced by the wind industry

An overview of current situation in the wind market and my experience working on wind turbine for Vestas

About the Speaker:

Name: Thomas Potentier
Graduated of the Eurec master on renewable energy, specialist in wind blades design, currently working as Aerodynamic engineer at Vestas

Eurec Prom: 2012-2013
Company: Vestas
Address: UK
Phone: +44 7 552 126 781Mail:

Rural electrification with solar panels

An overview of my experience working with villages in the Ecuadorian jungle and also in south east asia, including Laos and Myanmar. 

About the Speaker:

Name: Robert Peñaranda Loayza
Expert in solar energy , specially in rural electrification and microgrids.

Eurec Prom: 2011-2012
Company: Consultancy
Address: Urb. San Jose del Valle lot 132
Phone: 999772131

Wind Energy Condition Based Maintenance


Wind Farm Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is an attractive solution for the O&M strategy in order to reduce the OPEX involved on wind energy projects by managing a lower cost maintenance and avoiding more expensive failures trough main turbine component prediction failures strategies.
"NEM Solutions" has become an important company partnering with Gamesa on CBM solutions for the industry, being my main purpose at my presentation to point out the importance of these techniques and the different solutions currently available on the market place by the main industry players.
About the Speaker:

Name: Carlos Edmundo Silva Galicia
Eurec Prom: 2015-2016
Company: NEM Solutions

Mechanical Electrical Engineer with previous working experience in the electrical construction business (growing at my father’s company in México ), car design software’s as part of my first engineering internships and 6 years of Commercial Experience at one of the most iconi…